Emma Paige

Sold 2008

19″ length’

Green 20mm eyes

Emma Paige was the first doll I made with a belly plate. I liked how other designer had made their babies have the belly plate and then dressed them in no shirt to make them look very real, unfortunately, I couldn’t get my Emma to look as nice. I think her tummy was to fat for the belly plate. I made her because there was a contest going on. I wasn’t even in the running, but I sold her anyways. Before I got her hair on I didn’t like the shape of her head it took too alien. She had a pink outfit with butterflies. Her blanket was hand-quilted with roses and pink material. Emma was made at the time I started making name bracelets for the dolls when they went home and I learn was told what their true names would be. She also got to be one of the lucky ones that came with a bottle and lots of toys.

Bountiful kit #3239-Paige(19″ kit)