Month: September 2014

Under construction

Hello, all you doll lovers. This will soon be my web page to show all my reborn doll I have made in the past. I hope you enjoy looking at my dolls as much as I did making them.

      I have been working on reborn dolls for many years and have learned a lot since I made most of these dolls. A lot of these were from when I first got started in this art. I have many more dolls to finish, but I decided to go to school and haven’t had time to get much done these last few years. Along with also moving to a new place, the dolls have been sitting in a box for almost a year and a half. Now that I am almost done with school (June 2017), I will have time to finish the ones I have almost done, so I can sell them.

     I also know these photos are not of best quality, but I have solved this problem and took a photography class and the new images will be of much better quality. A lot of these images are years old and taken with the wrong kind of camera and I know this now.

I will have fairies, twins sets, single, and much more in mind to complete before the year is finished.

I hope!


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