The purpose of this website is to show off some of the artwork that I have created over the years. A gathering place to have somewhere where I can discuss my work, techniques, and advice. Also for others to give me their story of different projects or hobbies they enjoy working on.

I have relished every kind of craft “hobby” since I was young. From hand sewing to machine sewing. I am an expert with cutting and gluing. I can sit for hours watching YouTube videos to get ideas for a next product. While watching these videos I learn different ways to achieve a wonderful handmade creation. I recently have received my degree in Web Designing and will play for hours with photoshop any chance I get. I like to manipulate images into what I see in my head and have them be achieved. I do all my work myself I don’t have any helper or elves that come in the night to finish my work. This in itself is why it can take me months to finish one project, so I have many going at the sometime. I always have five or more project going at a time. While one is drying I work on another. My family thinks my sewing room is a mess, but to me each project has is own place for me to work on it when I have time.

The last 7 years I have found I enjoy reborn dolls. This is a technique where you take an unpainted, unfinished, doll kit and turn it into the most realist baby I have ever seen. I even have even had to do a double take when I sit one on my desk because I think someone is watching me. I enjoy designing their look. When I start a new doll I always have a theme I work with. My Fairies, of course, have to have a nice dress and wings. The babies will come home with a hand-quilted blanket and stuff animal.  I find it enjoyable putting their outfits together and making a completed experience. Then I do a full photo section with each one. This can take all day sometimes because I can’t tell them to move and position themselves for the photo. I sometimes find myself saying “why do I do this” then I watch another tutorial and I’m back getting my desk ready for the next adventure.

The following pages will have images and information on how I made the particular items. My hand-quilted comforters. I have a line of book bags that I design myself. The dolls that I have created over the years. One will also see how my photographic skills have also improved over the years.

I hope to add some tutorials soon as well.

Later I will have items that I will have available for sale.

Babies, Fairies, Dragons, and different fun candles.

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